Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Word

This card shows one of my favorite new techniques:  edging with UTEE.  I’ve put together a little kit that takes up almost none of my limited tabletop real estate and keeps things handy for ease of use.  Into a shallow repurposed embossing powder jar, I squeezed in a few drops of VersaMark reinker and with the lid in place, it’s easy to store.  Right next to it I have a dedicated foam finger dauber I keep in a very small clear cap saved from a non-aerosol hair spray bottle – fits perfectly and takes up no space. 

The technique is simple:  pour a good bit of UTEE into your embossing tray.  Starting on one side of your card or layer, dab the reinker into the VersaMark and stroke upward towards the corner (if you start at the corner, it’s too easy to tear the foam).  Stroke the other way without trying for a ruler-sharp line:  a little free-form movement is the objective here.  Angle the dauber to keep the VersaMark on top of the card instead of allowing the foam to smoosh around to the back, as this will collect unwanted UTEE and make the card stick to your work surface when heating.  Ask me how I found this out.  Do two sides and then dip both into the UTEE.  Heat until almost but not completely melted for some interesting texture.  Repeat with the other two sides.  When an edge doesn’t look quite finished and needs a little something (but you don’t know just what), this will very often do the trick!
Cardstock:         Bazzill Orchid, Beckett Iceberg, generic Lilac       
Stamps:              Stampendous Easter Cross, Mesh Brayer            
Inks:                    Ancient Page Amethyst, ColorBox Black
Emb Powder:    Cloisonné  UTEE Sterling Silver, Judikins Detail Black        
Emb Folder:       Cuttlebug Distressed Stripes
Doo Dads:          Silver Dot Stickers

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