Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sunrise Mountain

As there is always a hue and cry for Guy Cards, I thought this one would be a good design to post.  This image is a colorist’s dream – or nightmare, depending on your skill level.  Mine was Rank Beginner at the time I did this, but the image had such clearly defined areas, I thought I’d give it a try anyway.  The Stone Wall stamp wasn’t long enough to cover the width of the card, so I pieced it in back of the biker.  The asphalt actually glistens, thanks to a  silver glitter gel pen I rubbed on my finger and applied, but as usual, the camera has decided to keep all the goodies to itself.
Cardstock:         Beckett Iceberg, generic Tan      
Stamps:             Beeswax Sunrise Mountain, Rubber Baby Stone Wall & Woodgrain, 100 Proof   
                           Press Biker
Inks:                   Archival Black
Colored Pencils:  Bruynzeel Pastels

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