Saturday, March 10, 2012

Be My Valentine

This card was given to my wonderful hubby Igor on Valentine’s Day last month.  He is a transplanted Ukrainian who, despite a few memory issues, plays a monster game of chess.  He also delights in looking over my creations and perhaps making an occasional kind suggestion or two.  When I am smart enough to follow them, my cards always turn out better. 

This card is easy to do with either punches or dies.  I die cut the hearts out of the card front and saved the punch-outs for another project (my cardstock is textured and I wanted to use smooth cardstock for the  stamped hearts).  The smooth hearts were held in place on my work suface with removable tape.  After stamping and embossing them, I added regular tape to the backs of the three hearts, closed the card front, and inserted each heart through its matching opening.  This makes it easy to get them perfectly positioned. 

The only problem with a peekaboo card front is that you have to get creative with the location of your written sentiment.  But creativity is the name of our game - right?

I am posting this card because it is a good example of Boo Boo Control: on the inside of the card, the heart over the ribbon covers the spot where the ends of the ribbon join.  Also, the layered sentiment covers a bad job with the original stamping.  I used a scrap for the new stamping which otherwise would have been tossed.  Sweet!

 . . . and yes, I'm a bigtime fan of eyelash fibers:  warm fuzzies are always good.

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