Thursday, March 22, 2012

Escape Reality

No one does Clever Whimsy better than my friend Carol Chiaramonte, and this card of hers is the delightful proof!   This is Clean & Simple Stamping at its best.  The Jo Rango Zoo series allows stampers to do art work that looks like kid’s stuff – but it’s really for grownups – and the results are always uniquely witty and entertaining.  For anyone in danger of taking herself too seriously, I recommend an afternoon with Rango Zoo images:  these will soon put your out-of-kilter outlook back into kilter.  Or something like that . . .

Cardstock:         White Linen, Glossy White, Marcos Red Sparkle (now discontinued, drat!)
Stamps:              Silver Crow:  Escape Collage, Escape Reality;  Jo Rango Zoo:  Horse, Snake,
                            Small Motif
Inks:                    Document Black, Ancient Page Henna Red, Pink, various Tombow markers

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