Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's Raining Shamrocks!

My dear friend Carol (who really ought to get her own blog – her stuff is dynamite!) sent me this St Patrick’s Day card which arrived this morning.  It shared the mailbox with my new light box which was due in three weeks but showed up today.  I don’t know which is more exciting:  Carol’s card or my light box.  Whatever . . . I couldn’t think of a better way to christen my new Blog Improvement Toy than to take a pic of her card.   Enjoy!

In addition to Light Olive Bazzill cardstock, she’s used Hero’s Envelope Pattern, and Tim’s Umbrella Man stamp.  Along with a wee bit o’ glitter added to some of the shamrocks, you’re lookin’ at one happy card for sure.  Raining shamrocks . . . now there’s a sight to see!

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