Monday, June 15, 2015

With Sympathy

One of the happy discoveries I've made during my current fixation with color sprays has been finding a wonderful watercolor paper to use . . .

  . . . thanks to my dear friend and stamping buddy Carol, I've become hooked on #90 watercolor paper.  I have a nice selection of various heavyweight watercolor papers, but I like the #90 the best.  It doesn't warp!  Once in awhile it may curve a bit, but it is very easy to flatten it, either by hand or with an iron.  But I mostly don't have to bother. 

Another advantage is that it is quite inexpensive compared to top of the line papers.  And because it is thinner, it dries much quicker.  Also, at #90, it even makes a great card base.  Watercolor paper is never a pure white so if I've used it for my card front layer, it's a hard color to match with other white cardstocks.  Using the #90 as my card base solves the problem!  Yes, I know I'm picky . . .

Cardstock:   The Paper Cut Eames White
Stamps:        Hero Etched Flower with Stems, Endless Creations
                           “With Sympathy"
Inks:               ColorBox Cream White, Prima Color Bloom Spray Lime
                           Wedge, Antique Gold
Emb Powder:  Stampendous Ivory Pearl
Dies:              My Favorite Things Rectangle Frames

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