Thursday, August 23, 2012


Brag Alert, Section 1!  It’s been an interesting year in my stamping world so far and over the next four weeks, I’ll be sharing some gratifying results of my creative efforts.  The next three Thursdays will be given over to showing the cards currently featured in my first-ever published article – now appearing in the Fall issue of Rubber Stamp Madness.  Entitled “Wonderful Weaving”, I was delighted with their handling of it.  Moreover, the photography makes my cards look better than they do in real life!

Paper weaving offers stunning results for minimal time and effort.  One tip is to save scraps from previous projects and cut them into 1/4” to 3/8” strips with your trimmer before stashing them.  Anything 5” or longer is perfect, and don’t get crazed about perfect cutting:  various widths and irregularities are what make this art form work.  Weaving takes mere minutes and can be done with as few as three or even two strips on a side (see next Thursday’s post for an example of this) . . .

Cardstock:         Bazzill Rain Forest, various scraps from previous projects: many sprayed with color    
                           washes and embossed with either Gold or Black images
Stamps:              Purple Daisy Birch Leaf, Hero Serenity
Inks:                    ColorBox Gold, various light and dark Green color wash sprays
Emb Powder:    B’Muse Detail Fine Gold
Punches:            Punch Bunch Birch Leaf
Doo Dads:          ¼“ Green grosgrain ribbon

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