Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's Your Day!

While fixing my husband’s breakfast yesterday morning, I all of a sudden realized I had the makings of a great color scheme right in front of me:  Cream (the bowl), Kraft (the flax flakes), Light Green (the Casaba melon), and Deep Blue (the blueberries).  Nothing would do but to head on downstairs to my Laughin’ Place and start creating . . .

 Inspiration is everywhere, folks – all we have to do is open our eyes and see it!  This is also known in some circles as ‘paying attention’.  Meanwhile, although my card was inspired by my husband’s breakfast cereal, please refrain from pouring any milk and sugar over this . . .

Cardstock:          Beckett Moonlight, Bazzill Sprout, Light Chocolate,
                                 Admiral, Generic Taupe  
Stamps:               Text:  Stampin’ Up;  the hexagon inserts were die cut
                                  from numerous scraps in my Background Box and   
                                  their origins far precede anything my faulty memory   
                                  can possibly dredge up.
Inks:                      Likewise, a little bit of everything, plus Ancient Page
                            Cobalt for the text
Emb Powder:     Vippie’s Transcendence
Dies/Punches:   Papertrey Ink Hexagon Die, Marianne Flower #192
Doo Dads:           Taupe eyelash fiber

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