Monday, August 6, 2012

Flower Resist

Resist techniques are surging in popularity more than ever before and well they should be.  The methods are easy and fun to do, the results are always beautiful, and since you never know exactly what you’re going to get, the element of surprise can be factored in as well.

Resist is usually done by stamping and embossing an image before the colors are sponged on.  The raised embossing resists dye inks which are toweled off the embossed surfaces after they’ve been sponged/swirled on.  Wondrous results are practically guaranteed and even beginners will have great success! 

For softer and more muted effects, stamp and emboss first, then swirl on the inks afterwards.  For more contrast and sharper definition, do only some of your images first, as just described.  Then add the direct-to-paper coloring overall, and allow to dry.  Lastly, over-stamp and emboss another one or two of your images.  Technically speaking, these last additions are no longer considered to be authentic Resist, but we’re not going to pick nits here.

However, even at this point, further color can be sponged on as desired.  Also, non-embossed images can be added at this time using one or two of your main colors, as I did with the stamped blue flower upper left.  This will add depth, interest, and is useful for filling in areas that need a little extra “something”.  For this card, the white flower upper right was done after I had worked on the rest of the card – it is a slightly crisper white that the camera probably won’t pick up.  The other two white flowers were stamped and embossed before the coloring was sponged on – a very faint amount of that color was retained which softens the results slightly.  Tweaking Resist this way adds slightly more dimension, which in my book, is the name of the game!

Cardstock:         Beckett Iceberg, Generic textured Navy Blue
Stamps:              Rubber Stampede Periwinkle Blossom
Inks:                     ColorBox Frost White, Vivid Sky Blue, Turquoise, Lavender
Emb Powder:   Judikins Opaque White
Dies/Punches:  EK Success corner punch, flower punches, JustRite
                                   Charms Die
Doo Dads:          Lilac ribbon, crystals, Gelly Roll Pen Clear Star

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  1. Sue Speck, I found your blog from the RSM listing of bloggers. I am about to be listed as well. I find that I can relate to your work...simple and a little quirky. Please check out my blog. I signed up to receive your updates by email.
    Good luck and keep up the beautiful work.
    Lois Rothchild