Thursday, October 18, 2012

Raven's Treasure

 . . . it’s Guest Artist time, and once again, we are fortunate to have Carol Chiaramonte on stage!  She does more with single layer, Clean & Simple than anyone else out there.  Truly.  See for yourselves:

 . . . one of Carol’s favorite techniques is Stamp Kissing which is a neat method because you never know exactly what you’re going to get with it.  For anal types like myself, this amounts to a real walk on the wild side, I can assure you.  But it’s hard to fail with this, so if you’ve not tried it yet, pull your socks up and give it a go. 

Here’s how Carol did it for this card:  ink up the solid bird image with black ink, take an UN-inked somewhat detailed stamp such as a flower or sun rays (just about any image will work), and lightly press it (“kiss”) onto the inked bird.  Twist the second stamp ever so slightly and then lift off.  Stamp the bird onto your cardstock, step back, and admire!  Even the skeleton (lower right) is excited with the results . . .

Cardstock:         Generic White Glossy, Orange
Stamps:              Meer Image Raven, Inkadinkado Flourish, Fred Mullett Lace Paper 2, Vippies
                            Skeleton, Rubber Tree Sun Rays used for the Kissing technique.
Inks:                    Document Black, Ancient Page Mandarin

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