Monday, July 30, 2012

Purple Vase with Ferns

While there’s certainly a need for Guy Cards, I’ve decided that on occasion, I’m not going to get too stressed over the details.  Take bows, for example:  supposedly, we’re not supposed to put bows on a guy’s card.  Well, I can see the reasoning behind that.  However, don’t guys tie their shoelaces into bows nearly every day of their lives?  So may I stick a bow on a guy’s card once in awhile?  Why thank you very much, I think I will . . .

 . . . besides, this was an anniversary card for my husband, so on this romantic occasion, I do believe that bows are a good thing.  And yes, he loved the card!  He’d better:  our wedding colors were Purple, Green, Black and White and this was supposed to remind him of that! 

As for the background, I used Green, Purple, Blue and Lilac crayons to scribble over the roughest textured watercolor paper I have in my stash and then ironed it between two pieces of newsprint.  Then I crumpled it up, smoothed it out a bit, and highlighted the creases with a little Black ink.  It was fun . . . think I’ll do that technique again soon.

Meanwhile, I hope the camera doesn’t hog all the glitter:  I used it here and there and it added just the right amount of sparkle . . .

Cardstock:   Generic Green, Purple, Watercolor paper
Stamps:       Paula’s Best Open Fern, Stampers Anonymous   
                            Mosaic Scrap
Inks:             ColorBox Black, VersaMark, Marvy Markers in
                              Silver & Purple
Emb Powder: Judikins Detail Black
Dies/Punches:  Family Treasures Vase
Doo Dads:      Lilac bow, Diamond Glaze, Prisma Glitter,

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