Monday, July 23, 2012

Graphic Leaves

Few color combos can outshine black and white for sheer drama.  Every time a stamping magazine puts out a challenge call for black and white work, the results never disappoint . . .

. . . and then we have my attempt.  I tried for a positive/negative effect on this one and am not real sure I succeeded.  After embossing one large leaf with Black on White, and the other with White on Black, I cut them down the middle and paired opposite halves.  It didn’t turn out the way I’d figured, but then that could be said of most of my work:  to some extent, the outcome is always a surprise!  I suppose it’s best when life isn’t too completely predictable . . .

Cardstock:     Beckett Iceberg, Generic dull Silver and textured Black layers
Stamps:         Magenta Leaf Panel (cut apart and used separately), Carved Stamps Striped Leaf
Inks:                 ColorBox Frost White, Black, Silver
Emb Powder:  B’Muse Silver, Judikins White, B’Muse Detail Black
Doo Dads:      Silver Mizuhiki cords

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