Thursday, May 10, 2012

Beaded Dragonfly

I went through a beaded dragonfly phase not long ago and had a ton of fun doing it! 

The job is easy enough to figure out by sight, but if you Google for directions, you’ll find a lot of them.  I made them in all sizes and colors and now have a stash to use on cards, boxes, gift packages, etc.  It’s good TV work to do and takes just 20 minutes apiece to finish.  They are fastened onto the card at the head and tail only and can be detached so the recipient can wear it as a pin or put it to other decorative use.  One of my friends wore hers as a hair ornament at her high school reunion – she said it matched her new dress perfectly!

Cardstock:     Bazzill Rain Forest, Purple, generic Red, Beckett Iceberg, watercolor paper        
Stamps:         Stampin’ Up It’s our day!, various solid leaf images
Inks:                 Vivid Red, Green, Yellow, Purple
Emb Powder:  Clear
Doo Dads:      Beaded dragonfly

1 comment:

  1. A beaded dragonfly, my, that is a lot more gorgeous than a bald dragonfly! Hah! On a serious note, your beading really is divine, and I love how the colors accent the paper! You've got a great blog here, your use of texture is outstanding!