Thursday, December 4, 2014


For my birthday in January, my college roomie sent me a commercial card so exquisite that I had it framed.  It was painting of a lovely butterfly-covered tree with a huge gold-winged dragonfly poised for flight in front of it.  It was a magically believable scene and it inspired this card . . .

To heat emboss the dragonfly, I made a temporary handle using two glue dots to fasten the dragonfly's body to a wooden skewer.  I then pressed him onto a VersaMark pad, and scattered pinches of colored UTEE over his body and wings.  Then I heated him from beneath.  He stayed put but came off the skewer easily when the glue dots were softened by the heat.  I used a glue pen to add some glitter along his body and the edges of the wings – happily, the camera actually decided to share some of the glimmer!

This card is going to a long-time family friend who dearly loves dragonflies . . .

Cardstock:   Generic Black, Marcos Jade Constellation White
Stamps:        PSX Black Walnut, VAP “Journey”, CC Rubber Stamps
                          Squiggle Border
Inks:               ColorBox Frost White
Emb Powder:   Judikins Opaque White, Cloisonn√© Teal, Melt Art UTEE
                              Violet, White,  Pipe Dream Opals Zeehan, Dove Lake
Dies:              Spellbinders Fanciful Flight: Dragonfly, Tim Holtz
                           Butterfly Frenzy
Doo Dads:    Art Institute Glitter Shiny Silver

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