Monday, April 23, 2012


Once in awhile, we anal types benefit by doing things in a rather less orderly fashion.  We do struggle with free-form attempts, but it’s good for the soul to stretch ourselves with efforts made outside of the box – even though the box may still be close at hand.

This card involves stitching which is one of my favorite embellishments.  I resisted the inner urge to follow a perfectly pre-plotted course (usually achieved with a T-square, plumb bob, a level, and by snapping a chalk line) and instead decided to let the machine have a say in where the needle went.  Scary!  The very idea gave me a rash, but I’m glad I did it.  I even avoided making the ribbon ends the exact same length.  Progress, folks – progress . . .

Cardstock:    Marcos Jute, Beige generic handmade paper, Beckett Candlelight
Stamps:          Unknown ‘Thanks!’
Inks:                  ColorBox Black
Emb Powder:    Judikins Detail Black
Dies/Punches:   5-lobed flower
Doo Dads:       Pearl flower button, Black satin ribbon bow, Black and Cream thread

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  1. Ahhh, now I know where the "anal type(s)" come from! I strongly have to resist the urge to throw something out when it's not perfect or straight ... but I do agree that sometime you gotta let loose, have some fun & draw outside the lines! xo