Monday, April 9, 2012

Flowering Stripes

The title of this card refers to the fact that I was looking at some striped wallpaper one day and wondered what it would look like if I changed the stripes into rows of flowers instead.  My stash includes scores of really small stamps that weren’t getting much use, so this seemed a good way to hold them accountable for their room and board.  I stamped them in loose formation, used 2nd generation stamping as well, and didn’t stress over placement.  This is good therapy for those of us who tend to be anal retentive . . .

The background was done direct-to-paper with the same colors on water-misted and heavily textured watercolor paper to get a diffused look.  I do up whole sheets of these at a time and then cut what I need for the current project.  The remainder lives at BB’s (my Background Box) until I need it for the next stamping session:  instant inspiration and a time-saver to boot!

Cardstock:   Beckett Iceberg, Watercolor paper, Blue velvet
Stamps:       Assorted small images
Inks:             Vivid Straw, Ultramarine, Olive, and Butterscotch, Gold marker
Punches:      Assorted small leaf punches
Doo Dads:    Gold floss bow 

Tip of the Day:  Free stamping materials are everywhere!  The Navy Blue layer on this card is part of a molded flocked liner that was used to cradle my husband’s new electric razor.  Under the lid and in between the molded impressions, there was plenty of flat material I could repurpose for stamping needs.  Their waste is my gain!

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