Thursday, January 9, 2014

Asian Peace

 We gifted our computer guru Allan with a framed page of humorous Haiku verses on the subject of computer glitches.  These are funny only when they’re happening to anyone other than you!  However, they do provide job security for Allan, so good things can indeed come out of bad events.  Anyway, as the theme was inherently Asian, I decorated the paper with stamped bamboo shoots and Asian text in the four corners.  I carried the theme over to his card . . .


Allan wears flip flops the year round – even in the snow .  He’s a transplanted Aussie who likes to think he’s still living Down Under.  Hence, the stamped flip flops on this card definitely have his name on them. 

As for the Asian text, I sincerely hope it says something nice – and also that I’ve stamped it right side up.  If not, my apologies to anyone I’ve inadvertently offended . . .

Cardstock:      Marcos Jute, Beckett Moonlight
Stamps:            Frog’s Whiskers Ink Straight & Narrow, Poppy Stamps
                               Ring Background, Stamp Camp Asian Flip Flops,
                               Tin Can Mail Asian Text
Inks:                Hero Arts Black
Impression Plate: Cheery Lynn Cheesecloth
Doo Dads:      Black cording, pearls            


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